Our DIY Pallet Horse Corral


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Feb 14, 2012
Labelle, Florida
I wanted to share out pallet corral we just made a couple weeks ago....

We have two horses...one enormous draft cross and one little 22 year old Appaloosa mare...of course the little mare is the boss so she has to eat separate from the draft or she'll eat her food and his food. Can't have that. We had some ugly gates rigged up as a makeshift corral for her to eat separately in but I hated the way it looked. Then I ran across this video HERE and I was like, why the heck didn't I think of that?

So my husband was able to get a truck load of free pallets. We did two pallets then a brace pallet (in the video she did a brace every other pallet). Since it was just the one horse going to be in there for about 45 minutes twice a day I didn't need it to be like Fort Knox. Once the slow draft finishes eating she's let out with him to be loose on 5 acres.

We used a drill and screws to attach them together. We did have to pre-drill a hole with one drill then screw in the screw with another drill. A nail gun would have been WAY easier but we opted for the screws and how it would be easier to unscrew a screw than rip out a nail should one break or rot to replace it.

Here's a few photos so you can see how we did it....

ETA: if you were holding in goats I'd say you'd probably have to do it so the pallet boards run vertical and not horizontal as they may climb out.
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What fantastic idea! There are sooo many things people make with pallets now, but me being a horse lover, this is by far the best

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