Our dog captured our chicken - suggestions?

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  1. barnyardblast

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    Jun 17, 2014
    We have a flock of 29 (RIR and Buffs) that are housed in a storage shed with a large, fully enclosed yard. The door has a lock on it to keep chickens in and other things out. My daughter (13 years old) usually goes through in the mornings to take food and water. She and I were on our way in this afternoon and noticed five chickens running around outside of the coop. She apparently left it unlocked (which would have made the door crack open) and several escaped, but they were still hanging around.

    As we were pondering the situation, our border collie came charging through and chased one chicken to the doorway - we opened the door, the chicken hopped in and our dog went after the next group. He separated out one chicken at a time and managed to get three more inside the door. The last chicken was more troublesome and instead of going inside the chicken yard, she jumped the other way and ran through the woods. He charged after her and after a loud squawk, she went quiet. I managed to get to them (dense brush) and he was standing over her. She tried to jump and run and he grabbed her again. He would carry her around the neck area, but would eventually set her down and stand over her. He didn't try to hurt her, I don't think.

    I had a towel and managed to wrap it around her (he let me). We are new to chickens. None of ours have started laying eggs yet and they are about 18 weeks old. We have several large dog crates. We also have another storage shed that is designed to be used as our 'emergency room'. I took the crate in there, put hay in it, food and water and left her in there. She has one spot where it's obvious she lost a few feathers, but I don't see a speck of blood on her anywhere. She's walking and her wings look okay. The only thing is that she's walking around panting a bit (it looks like) with her beak parted open. I was able to pet her and although I haven't picked her back up, I can't find a hurt spot. I put a towel over part of the cage and turned off the lights. She's away from all other animals.

    Is there anything else I can do or something I should look for?
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    May 21, 2013
    BC, Canada
    She might just be traumatized. I have found that in most cases it doesn't hurt to give some vitamins in their water (provided that she is drinking) you can get them at your feed store or give some poly vi sol, in a pinch I have even used a little bit of Gatorade in the water (very diluted).
    Hope that she recovers quickly :)
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    Chickens can go into shock easily from the trauma of being chased and caught. If you see no visible injuries and she's able to move around ok then I would just let her rest in a dim, quiet place as long as it's someplace ventilated that won't get to hot.
  4. barnyardblast

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    Jun 17, 2014
    Thanks, she's still in our 'animal care' area (it's air-conditioned without being too cold). She's walking around and making a good bit of noise, so I don't think she's happy about being confined. I'm worried about putting her back in too quickly since she has a couple of spots where you can tell that her feathers are twisted up. I don't want the other chickens to hurt her. I may put her back in the chicken house tonight after they all settle down and see how tomorrow goes. I think she's fine - my biggest concern now is other chickens.
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    Sep 30, 2013
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    Sometimes puncture wounds will leave no blood as skin seals around it. Give her a through under feather skin check. She could have a bit of bruising in area you said her feathers are twisted. Are her run coop also air conditioned? If not may have a temperature shock when placed back with her flock mates. As she is making a ruckus about being separate she maybe over the shock of being caught. No blood visible or wound the others should leave her alone other than where were you interest.

    We have high 90 's low 100's temps, I don't bring them inside to prevent a temperature shock when they need any type of treatment. I have a mixed flock of over 1 yr olds and 9 BO that are 5 months old just started laying. I do early morning and evening checks of them if anything is needed which is done outside.

    Hope your hen is fine.
  6. EggresiveAli

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    Sep 3, 2013
    It sounds like she will probably make a recovery, but as mentioned, give her a thorough check under her feathers for puncture wounds. She will be traumatised, but by the sounds of it your "emergency room" is just right for her.
    I would just make sure she is eating and drinking.
    Good luck!

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