Our dog killed our sweet chick


May 11, 2016
los angeles, ca
Today I sat out a little leftover cat food for the chickens. Everything was fine, our dog left them alone to eat. But she must have wanted the last bit because before I knew it she was on top of our sweetest girl. I reprimanded the dog thinking it was just a little tussle. I go outside to find our sweet violet flopping around and she died in my hands. I'm beside myself with guilt. I should have never put the food where the dog would go. At the most I thought she would bark or even snap at them but I didn't know she would break their neck. I can't stop crying and beating myself up about it. I keep thinking of all the things I could have done differently. This is our first time having chicks and we've only had them for 12 weeks. I've done everything to keep them safe, happy and healthy and I make this one mistake and now my beautiful girl is dead.

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