Our dominant rooster and dominant hen were killed and......

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    Aug 20, 2015
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    I have no idea what is going on. I know they are reestablishing their pecking order, everyone is laying, so I'm not worried about the girls. But the non dominant rooster is confusing me. He has never crowed. I have in fact never heard him make a sound, and about 6 weeks ago his comb stopped around full grown pullet size. he has looked skinny and laid around a lot. Well, his comb has already started growing in the 5 days since the dominant roo left, he has filled out, and he's up and walking and making sounds. All GREAT things. Is it possible for rooster development to halt when there is a dominant roo above them? I should menation they were the exact same age and developed the same, within a week of each other, until august.

    Side note: it was our dogs who got the chickens, and we were most upset that the end result was 2 birds that couldn't be eaten because of the way it happened.
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    I think it's more likely that he was a bit unwell, I personally have never seen a rooster not mature due to other roosters, I have seen that they don't crow as much or as soon if there are older or more dominant roosters.

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