Our ducks sit almost all of the time


Sep 25, 2020
We have two Muscovy ducklings that we got from a neighbor, and they seem to be sitting almost all of the time. Even when they get up, it's only for a short period. We are confused because we bought the specific duck feed that Tractor Supply recommended (picture attached) that has Niacin in it. Any ideas of what might be going on and what we should do?


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Before, it was 30 x 20 inches, but we just moved them into one that's 44 x 20 inches. We have a heat lamp near the food and water, and they tend to sit farthest away from the food and water
It will not hurt them to supplement extra niacin - some ducklings just need more. Liquid Vitamin B complex is easy to get and does amazing things for strengthening their little legs. Yours are super cute!
The feed you have has around 55mg of niacin per kilo of feed which is OK for most breeds, but heavyweight breeds like Muscovies and Pekins tend to need more, around the 70mg/kg mark. So you may consider adding a niacin supplement like Nutritional yeast to their diet, dosing at one to two tablespoons over their feed.

Ensuring their brooder is of adequate size, and providing them with logs/obstacles, and water to play in will encourage activity.
My ducklings sat a lot too and would only get up for short times. I was concerned and posted about it, someone said that they grow very fast and their little legs need to rest often. For peace of mind you can supplement with niacin (I always say better safe than sorry). I believe that was all it was with mine (I used that same exact food by the way, with no extra niacin). My two ducks and perfectly healthy today!

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