our EE is very mad!

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    Jun 6, 2010
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    After losing 3 doz. eggs, by our count, we decided to lock our chickens up in their run with hopes they will all learn to lay in the nestboxes. Our EE is not fairing well. She paces back and forth, poking her beak out of the wire while she walks. I go in the coop to check for eggs and she comes running in waiting to catch me off guard so she can sneak out to lay her eggs. She does the egg song and I put her into a box, but she gets out and waits by the door. All the others seem to take this adjustment well. Will she get used to it? About how long should we keep them locked up?
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    Our hens are let out after mid-day to free range and by then most of the laying is done, the rest go in to lay if they need to during that time. I am not sure how long to keep them locked up all day, but you could try letting them out late in the day like an hour or two before dark until they get it figured out.
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    Sep 5, 2011
    you should let her out and spy on her to find out were shes laying and you could find loads of eggs

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