our egg hatched!!!

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  1. greytmommy

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    Mar 26, 2011
    my little "depressed" (aka broody) OEGB hatched her egg! We weren't expecting it to hatch for another week! I was in the kitchen (this hen is a house chicken, but we want to transition her outside), and I heard peeping! I look in her cage & see a broken egg. I haven't actually seen the chick yet....but I saw part of her butt & it is ligt colored. Little Mama is VERY protective! It wil be fun to see what baby looks like. Rooster is a blue splash bantam cochin.....hen was an EE (not sure which one...we have 3). So this will be an interesting looking chicken! Haha.
    I will try to get pictured for you all soon.
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    May 3, 2011
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    Yes! We want pictures [​IMG]
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    Mar 22, 2011
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    Mar 26, 2011
    ok, I dont have a picture yet...will try to do that today. BUT we got a video that hubs made of them together....I will get it uploaded to youtube for y'all.

    The chick is a cross of EE and bantam cochin. It is yellow w/ about 5 dark spots. It has yellow legs, but feathers down the legs and on ONE toe! lol. The stinkin' chick is half the size of the OEGB already! [​IMG]

    Some questions:
    cant find chick crumbles....the store is all out. What should I suppliment the regular chicken food with? eggs? cat food??

    Since winter is coming, at what age can I move them outside?? I was planning on introducing BOTH the OEGB and the chick to the flock. We are hoping since there will be 2 of them (and the chick will be a larger chicken compared to mama hen), that it will minimize the flock picking on the tiny OEGB.

    Anything else special I need to do? got a small water and feeder in there....they seem happy. chick is up moving around, peeping like crazy.......

    Sure hope this chick isnt a roo!!! I dont know if my flock would accept another roo..............

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