Our eggs were the stars of the Thanksgiving Feast!!!

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    Ever since my Gladys layed that first beautiful brown egg, I dreamed of being able to make all our family's holiday favorites from real, live back yard chicken eggs.
    I have been saving all the double yolkers, from which I made some very memorable devilled eggs- everyone raved.
    The pecan pie got the best reviews of any I have ever made (no different than any other year, but those lovely eggs).
    With the traditional sausage rolls, at breakfast, Dad made omelettes from our eggs, and they were the best anyone could remember.
    15 of us barrelled through 3 1/2 dozen over the weekend, and I literally ran myself out of eggs the day before Thanksgiving. (forget I have a broody just getting over it, but not laying, and the 6 of them have been giving me a stingy 4 a day in the week or so before the holiday).
    I now have a happy little basket, again, as I being the stockpile for the Christmas baking!!!

    Thankful for all you fine BYCers, for helping us make it to the place where we can supply the holiday with our own eggs!
    Brightest Blessings!!!
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    Jun 15, 2010
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    My wife made deviled eggs both regular and Hot made with Bookbinders Jalapeno mustard (my idea lol) not one left. I made a cherry cheese cake with fresh eggs and all said it is was my best yet. Fresh eggs I guess are the "key".
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    Fresh eggs are the best! Never going back to those icky things from the store!
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    Apr 13, 2010
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    Congrats on all the good food.

    Well I made deviled eggs for our family TG dinner...
    48 pretty eggs halves all from our hens [​IMG]
    They (chickens) made me proud!
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