Our first attempt at coop building

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    My Coop
    After much browsing of this wonderful forum, I put together a design for a small chicken coop for my Marans that I got earlier this year. The 2 boys began to crow this week and so far have gotten along very well (though I hold no illusions that it is likely to stay that way). I can't decide which rooster to keep so at this point I've got 2 roosters, 6 hens, but yes I know I may have to separate off one of the roosters.

    I made up some plans and my husband (who, bless him, is no carpenter by any stretch) put this together for me. I've got a couple vents to add on each end and need to finish wiring up the dog kennel and add some roosts, but I'm pleased with our first attempt. I've been working to seal it up to protect from the rain and have painted it to match the colors of our house and I'm tickled to introduce the chicks to the coop today. They've been living in the dog run with small shelters and are doing very well, but it's time to move to a real coop. No predators have made a go through the dogs, but I am working on adding chicken wire to the dog run, double layered, and will add a topper this week. On the left end is a 3 ft x 1 ft deep egg box with a hinged roof for checking for eggs. On the side on the left is a pop door and on the right is a small plexiglass window for light and for a peek hole into the coop. The right side end has a large door that opens for easy cleaning/feeding and I am building roosts inside for their comfort. They have a stump to hop up on to enter the coop and are busy checking out the food I tossed on it to encourage exploration. Their food is just inside the door to encourage them in and they've all been placed in the coop and have found their way out. I'll go out at night to put them in until they get the idea.


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    Great coop [​IMG]
    You have a very nice husband to build you a nice big coop like that. Loved the pic of your girls, very pretty!
    2 roosters for 6 hens may be pushing it just a tad. You may get some bare backed girls after awhile. However, if the roos were raised together, they will probably do just fine together. May have a tussle now and then for dominance, but shouldn't be too bad.
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    Very nice [​IMG] I wish I had all that green grass left in mine [​IMG]

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