Our first baby ducks


Jul 21, 2016
Hi guys. I'm new here. Our ducks are hatching out their own babies. So far we have 5 but there are a ton more eggs. We have three nests with 3 ducks setting. Anyhow I went out to see how things were going. One baby duck was laying outside of the house and had some blood on its belly and was just laying there. It chirps and lifts its head. A little before I found the duckling, there was some commotion in the house. Our setters were upset and were chasing either the geese or male away from their house. Do you think one of the geese or the male got it? Or do you think the mothers kicked it out cause there was something wrong? I've got it in its own little box. It is 100 degrees here and this seems an odd time to be hatching eggs.


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Jan 3, 2010
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it is possible an adult attacked the duckling. Be on the lookout, you may need to separate them to keep them safe.

Be prepared to subdivide the area with temporary fence or even bring ducklings in to brood. But excluding the geese and drakes may be what is needed.

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