Our first baby quail EVER!!!!! 4th chick is off and running--PICS


13 Years
Apr 12, 2009
Tishomingo, MS
I got up this morning look what I found!


This is our first ever quail baby and our first hatch in the bator in 5 years--I was worried I wouldn't remember how to do this correctly--lol. Now I am hoping that the remaining 26 will surprise me when I get home this afternoon. I'm so excited--I wish I could sit here all day and watch
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You will get home this evening and have a whole bator full.
Good Luck!!!
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I just got home and have four TINY little bobwhites! I didn't remember how much I enjoyed watching eggs hatch. My little boy is soooo excited--he is glued to the bator as we speak
Congrats on your hatch, to make a LONG story short we bought some bird netting from a guy that raised Bobwhites and Tenn, Reds and when we picked it up he had just put 500 3 day olds in a pen and my wife said OH AREN"T THOSE CUTE , that was last Augst and we now have over 1200 of the cute things.
June egg swap what is this I just got started on BYC so I am proably to late for this.
I wish I could sign up, but the only thing I have laying are my mixed ducks--and they are sitting on 14-20 eggs right now. Just checked--I've got 2 more quail babies. Total of 6 so far!!

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