Our first chicks ever!


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We bought two chicks at the feed store yesterday, and we're really enjoying the little buggers already. We're planning on having 4 total, and my two boys got to pick out their chicks yesterday. DH and I are going back next Thursday when they receive more varieties. So far we have a RRI, and a Golden Lace Wyandotte.

This is Midget

This is Anwaffles (Chicken Anwaffles is her official name)

Midget was a bit of a spitfire yesterday, and at times chirping to hear herself chirp LOUDLY. Anwaffles was shellshocked, and she was very sleepy and subdued. She was eating, drinking, and pooping so I wasn't too concerned because she just arrived at the feed store yesterday. This morning she was full of pee and vinegar, pecking at Midget, and being LOUD so I know she's fine too.

This is where they're going to live once they're old enough. We still have to put the front and back on, but we're planning on doing so this weekend. Featherless child is modeling the coop for scale.
Congratulations on your new chicks and

These happen to be my favorite breeds! RIR is my favorite closely followed by GLW. Sush... don't tell the other birds
We're getting another Wyandotte (silver laced), and an Aruacauna on Thursday. I was thinking 4 didn't seem like many birds, but then I realized that they can get rather noisy at times so maybe 4 is a good number with the neighbors sitting right on top of us.
,Congrats on the new fuzzybutts, they are soooo cute. You will soon learn chicken math then the fun really begins. Need more chicks.

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