Our first clutch of eggs (Cochins) are due to hatch on Wednesday the 4

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    Our first clutch of eggs (Cochins) are due to hatch on Wednesday the 4th of April. I bought them on this forum from a guy named banjoejoe4783. I used my tax returns to but the Octagon Advance EX which is a great, hassle free, incubator. The kids are especially looking forward to it. They keep asking me, “How many days left, dad?” Now it’s down to only three days.

    A minor issue is they are scheduled to hatch around the time I am supposed to be in church.
    I wonder if I have to be there while they hatch, if so why?
    Are they OK in the incubator for a few hours?
    Any other tips from you experts?
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    Feb 18, 2011
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    I'm not an expert but you don't have to be there when they hatch all though everyone feels the urge to do so. They are ok in the incubator for a few hours, in fact they should stay there until they are fluffy dry. You can keep them in there a couple days as they are living off the yoke that was in the egg. So I was told. One more thing, up here in Maine, April 4th is today unlike where you live it being this Wednesday. [​IMG]
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    Quote:LOL OK OK Ummm.. Lets say April 6th, then. [​IMG]
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    Jun 21, 2010
    I just hatched out my first batch this weekend.
    We found first two on the morning of the 20th day of incubation.
    They did not need us. They know what they are doing.
    Although it is fun to watch them do it. [​IMG]

    You need to leave them in the incubator for at least a few hours until they are dry.
    I was told they can stay there up to 72 hours, but I took mine out after just a few.
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    I guess mine are a little late. Last nigh when I went to bed I had one egg that was pipped (I think thats what it's called with the little whole in the egg shell). This morning there were two more pipped but none hatched. I am away but I'll be able to check them in about three hours. I have to admit I am a little excited.
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    Ive got two chicks out so far. One seems to be a splash cochin with mixed colors the other is a bright yellow.
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