Our first coop construction!

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    Because I don't have too many people who will be as excited as the Husband and I are about our progress, I thought I'd share some photos from our first ever urban hen coop construction with you guys!!

    We are a renovating our existing garden shed to house our hens during the night, we've insulated and "plywooded" for maximum coziness. My plan is that the ladies (three girls total) will spend their nights in the coop, their days unsupervised in a chicken tractor (next thing on the list to build) and then supervised free range time when we are home from work. We live downtown on a small lot so their protection and safety are our top priority!

    Soo here they are ....

    Our blank canvas ...

    The raised floor, measures about 3ft by 8.5ft ...

    Current status, insulated, plywood, primed, floors and walls framed.

    Next up refinish the salvaged screen door we found and install the chicken wire wall panels. Then nest boxes, feeder/waterer, roosts and bedding :)

    Thanks guys, I'm just so excited :)
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    ... and roosts of course :)

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