Our First Coop in Progress PICS


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Mar 2, 2011
We are working on our first coop. The plan is to get 6 young pullets at the end of the week. That should get this coop finished fast!

This is the original plan DH drew up, however he is tweaking it as he goes

Getting it cut out. Jake the coon dogs assures us that no raccoons will get his chickens!

Getting it put together

Opening for the nest boxes

We have a fenced in backyard. Our deck has a gate on it that we also use to contain Jake for short periods when needed. We also have two chainlink dog kennels that are no longer being used and we are thinking of putting the coop inside them. The coop & run will be protected by 1/2 inch hardware cloth.

The coop will be insulated, have planned on lots of ventilation. My hubby is torn between a tin roof or plywood/shingles. Wire floor for summer with an insert for winter.

It's going to rain today so can't work on the coop.
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Finally figured out how to put the pictures up. Sorry about the sideway one....I thought I had turned that one!
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