Our First Coop!


*A Scrambled Egg*
10 Years
Feb 8, 2009
We started our first coop yesterday, so far it looks great! Hubby decided it needed to be a family project so we all helped and all had fun doing it, I can't believe how much we got done in one day!!!

We plan on putting 1/2in chicken wire around the top so there is a lot of air flow b/c it stays hot here year round, we are also going to add more support to the legs and put a few coats of sealent over it, we didn't have a huge budget for this so our totalt cost came around to about $92

I will continue to post pics of our progress!

We haven't decided on a name yet...

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James Hudson

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10 Years
Jun 1, 2009
nice start
you may consider doing a larger one in the future when you have more, however congrats

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