Our first eggs! We got 2 this a.m.! Now what?

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Jan 22, 2011
Our hens are 16 weeks old and we just found 2 eggs this a.m.!

The hatchery said they should be laying by week 22. Now we are really going to show what newbies we are with our questions:

Are the first eggs safe to eat?
How soon should we expect more?
How do you clean the eggs before storing?

Thanks for reading our post!
We always eat our first eggs. I can't tell the difference.

I use an egg wash solution called Egg Washer Pro.

I used to have Golden Sex Links (similar to Red Stars), and they laid very well, starting at around 5 months. They laid maybe 5 eggs a week each? I am not sure how many. Plenty!

Congratulations on your first eggs!
Yup, eat them - you won't believe the taste difference between them and store bought.

I store mine unwashed, they store longer that way. The hen lays a protective "bloom" on the egg that helps keep bacteria out. You can wash them prior to using if you like.

Depends on the pullet, most of mine have laid daily taking a break here and there. But you get the occasional girl that lays her first egg, then nothing for a few days.
Time for layer feed as well, for good strong calcium.

If you do decide to wash your eggs, run them under as hot of water that you can stand to have your hands in. NO soap. Just rub them clean under the running water. Let them air dry on a paper towel. Done. Never rinse eggs in cold water. Something about the way the bacteria is driven is is drawn or something. Oh well, never mind, just always use hot water and do not allow them to "sit" in water either. Some folks quickly dip their eggs in an extremely mild clorox tainted water. I never bother.
Question regarding the washing. Do you HAVE to wash them before you either hard boil them or crack them for scrambled eggs? Or can you just take them out of the coop and place them in the fridge till you use them?
I usually just rinse mine or store them unwashed in the refrigerator. Some where I read to rinse them with water thats close to the same temp as the egg... oh great...now I don't remember the reasoning on that...oh well...I think unwashed is the best.
Thanks everyone! We had 2 more today, so I guess we're in the egg business! We appreciate the info about handling those freshly laid eggs. I saved the 2 from yesterday, so our family of 4 was able to each have one today. We had to supplement with store bought today (eggs were a little smaller than we're used to), but maybe we've bought our last eggs for awhile!!
Congrats on your new 'egg business'!!!! My sister said her first eggs were small too and they eventually got bigger...so there is hope
How many hens do you have?
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Oh gosh, don't mix them!!!! Eat the yucky store bought ones until you save up enough of your own to eat all by themselves. You'll enjoy them much more!
Oh gosh, don't mix them!!!! Eat the yucky store bought ones until you save up enough of your own to eat all by themselves. You'll enjoy them much more!

DITTO! Or...cook the store boughts for your pullets - they love cooked egg!

Also - get familiar with the search feature - you'll be able to find almost an answer to almost any chicken question that way!

What you can't find by searching, we'll be happy to share feedback on!

Also, we LOOOOOVE stories & pics of your feathered family!

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