Our first time going away and leaving chickens out. Advice?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by 4H kids and mom, Jun 19, 2007.

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    Mar 10, 2007
    Southern Wisconsin
    This Sunday, we are taking the kids to Mt. Olympus Theme & Water park in Wisconsin Dells for their good grades on their report cards. We will be leaving the house here sometime early morning, and wont return until late evening. I have never left the critters out without being home for more than an hour or two, and I'm a worry-wart. [​IMG]

    We have two automatic watering sources that all the creatures in our yard use. We also have the kiddie pool for the goslings and ducklings. The coop stays open all day so the chicks and chickens can come and go as they please. The goat pen also stays open all day. The only door we dont leave open is the one to the duck pen and thats because the little chicks get in their and fly all over the barn and get stuck weird places, or the goats get in and eat all the ducks food. [​IMG]

    We havent seen any daytime predators since Ruthie killed that hawk and nothings come back. The yard is fenced so it keeps out anything else that would try to get in. I cant keep them all locked up all day because it is going to be in the low 90s on Sunday and they would roast in their coop and pens. I'm not worried about food or water or anything like that. I worry more that someone will come and steal them or they'll get out and run off or something silly. [​IMG]

    Am I just worrying because I've never really left my babies alone for that long, or do I have cause to worry? Please tell me I can relax and have a good time, otherwise I will worry all day and not enjoy our family time together.

    (PS for those who might ask if they dont know, the goslings are 5 weeks and 8 weeks old, the ducklings are 5 weeks old, the littlest chicks are 5 weeks and 6 weeks old, the goats are 6 months and 5 months old, and the older chickens and roosters are 4 months old. All my critters (babies included) have been ranging the yard daily without event for the past 3-4 weeks (the goslings are newer, but they also hold their own!). Do you think they'll be OK for 8 hours or so?)
  2. justusnak

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    Feb 28, 2007
    South Eastern Indiana
    Sounds to me like they will be just fine. Go, enjoy your day....the goats will help with predators..like cats....hawks. I would not leave them penned up with the temp in the 90's. Is there someone close by that might be able to just look in on them for you? Maybe call you on a cell phone if there is a problem? DH and I go to Ohio to visit his parents on occasion, and we leave our RIR out to roam. They have the woods to get into....and they have thier coop to get into. We have come home late, and they put themselves to bed. Have a great time...and tell the kiddo's CONGRATS on the good grades!!
  3. spock78

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    Apr 21, 2007
    They will be fine for the day. Just make sure they plenty of food & water.
    I don't have any ducks or geese YET but all my chickens are like Justusnak's. They put themselves to bed every night at 8:00. Just like clockwork.
  4. jackiedon

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    Jun 4, 2007
    Central Arkansas
    They will be just fine! Go and enjoy your self and the kids.

    Last week we were at church camp and I had a teacher friend to take care of the animals for 2 days since my husband was coming up late and going home early.

    I thought for 2 days I wouldn't say anything about the broody hen because I knew she would be too scared to move her. My friend was already overwhelmed with everything. New to farm life but wants to learn more to talk hubby into it. Anyhow the broody hen just happened to be off her nest when my friend was here so my friend gathered the eggs. When DH got home on Thursday he called me to tell me to call my friend to tell her not to break the white eggs open. Too late her MIL had already broke it open in a bowl full off other eggs for scrambled eggs. She just scooped up the baby chick and kept going.

    Now my broody hen won't sit anymore. Oh well.

  5. thechickenwhisperer

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    I completely understand being a worry wart! I lost a BUNCH of mine to a daytime dog attack. And now I worry constantly...

    It is natural to worry, especially if you had a previous attack. And I will NOT tell you things will be fine-nobody knows what each day has in store. But, I can tell you this, that we still have to go about our daily lives and there is nothing we can change if every precaution has been taken with fencing, gates etc.

    Go enjoy your day and have fun with your family and pray for the best. There is just no possible way to be able to stay home and watch the animals all the time. And in any case, my attack was while I WAS home-so being there doesn't make a guarantee either.

    Have fun [​IMG]
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  6. usbr

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    Apr 25, 2007
    They should be fine but if worried, give it a trial run. Let them out early and dont be out there freeting over them, just observe from the house (it will kill you, wont it), coop them up late just like you would when you will be gone. They know where the food is so even if they wandered off, they will come back.

    The Dells is busy this time of year, your a brave soul but the waterparks are nice for beating the heat. If you like Chicago style hotdogs, there is a caboose just off the main drag that sells them, its just behind Nigs bar (everybody knows Nigs, just ask directions). Its in the old downtown district with all the shops (ice cream, fudge, T-shirts, nick nacks) and only 5 minutes from where you are swimming. The jet boat rides are alot of fun and the duck rides are classic if the kids get sick of swimming or go-carts. I live pretty close to the Dells so if you want any other eating or entertainment recomendations, just ask.

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