Our first try at muscovy ducks

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    Oct 24, 2015
    Thank you, Miss Lydia, for your invitation to this muscovy group!

    I'm a semi-retired teacher and my companion a retired physicist.
    We started out, here in Burgundy, France, with a gaelic rooster
    and hen along with two other salmon blue hens. The result has
    been exponential since the hens are excellent mothers, but it's
    our first try at muscovy ducks and chinese geese and their
    gander bought about three months ago.

    We've got three acres and an open barn. The ducks and geese
    are, along with the chickens all have free run and lodge at night
    in the hay and straw under the barn. A second duck is sitting on
    some 18 eggs and one of the geese on a dozen or so goose eggs. We are a bit concerned since we do get some snow here. Like my native California, it's been exceptionally warmer and warmer, but snow is predicted in the coming weeks. We're
    currently building a second shelter out of palettes where they
    will be better protected from the weather.

    We do also know that we'll need to keep them away from the
    duck pond in winter.
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