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    Well... A while back I had mentioned about our Little Red(RIR) passing away. Never did figure out what happened to her but we moved on. We started out with 10 RIR chicks. I'm sad to say we only have 2 left. We started getting eggs from Miss Moody(BR) and Reba(RIR). We found out that Fredda(BR) was really a Fred and was becoming quite a rooster. I'm also very sad to say that something recently got him. DH and I think it was a hawk. There were feathers on the ground but no blood and I never did hear our dog barking at anything around the time it happened..... We visited a farm recently and I was dumb enough to buy 3 more chicks. I was excited about getting them since they were BO's and a Delaware. DH told me one morning that the Delaware was pecked to death. We also lost one of the BO's. My MIL thinks it was a falcon. We were out of town when it happened... Anyways.... I guess that's it, for now. Since the weather is warming up nicely I'd like to build another coop soon so we can safely bring home some more chickens. Hopefully the next update will be more cheerful.
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    I am so sorry for all of your losses. Hopefully staring with a fresh new coop will be a great new start! Good luck and hugs!
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    Thank you. We have a total of 5 but it just doesn't seem like enough, ha. I just love to see them scratching around and running with their little legs. One of our older chicks is a roo so we probably won't get a rooster... Unless we can get enough to have another rooster, hehe. I really miss Fred. He was just getting the hang of crowing and was quite the ladies man.... Anyways, thanks again. [​IMG]
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    OUR MOODY IS BROODY, YAY!!! We had a total of 8 eggs in there but we went out of town and was told when we got back that something got in there and got some eggs. [​IMG] Soooo, there's only 4 left. [​IMG] But I'm gonna stay positive and hope that all hatch. [​IMG]

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