Our Fluffies are growing up so fast. Pic heavy.


7 Years
Mar 2, 2013
Hey guys! I decided I should update about my chicks. I don't have too many recent pictures(the pics are a week old), but I will post a few. This batch has been pretty difficult for some reason, with a chick that looked like it was on death's door, and then suddenly recovering the next morning.(He has been perfectly normal now, for a week or so.) I found out that he had either eaten something that did not agree with him, or he bumped his poor head on the brooder light bulb. And then I have little cannibals in the smaller chicks brooder. But I realized it is only 2 that are doing it, so I will probably give those two away or whatever. But everyone is healthy, so that is great!
These are our youngest chicks.

These are one of each breed of our "girls" we got. From left to right: Spitzhauben, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Welsummer, Light Brahma, and Speckled Sussex.

Light Brahma Rooster

And these are some of our older ones~

Golden Cuckoo Rooster

These were a few pics of the Salmon's and Cuckoo's when they were babies.

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