Our homemade feed trough alreay proving to be a feed saver

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by Mskayladog, Oct 15, 2012.

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    I have 13 full sized hens and 3 batams. I had a hanging feeder I think one gallon size and was having to fill it up once in the morning and once about supper time. We made the trough feeder yesterday morning and filled it up and no waste. I put a large cookie sheet under it to catch any waste and there was not any. Now the hanging feeder I would get a cup or two of spilled feed on the ground. We used a piece of plastic rain guttering some left over wood and thats a piece of electirc fencing wire across the top to keep the birds from walking in or standing in the feed. Im not worried that they all cant eat at the same time they seem to eat in social groups.



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    Great job! I've heard of guttering used before very effectively and keep meaning to give it a try. I think I have a piece lying around here somewhere that I could use to experiment. Thanks for the reminder!
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    I have a hanging feeder and get quite a bit of waste (which I scoop up and throw out into the run for scratch). I love your homemade feeder, but don't understand how it reduces the waste. I am new to chickens and loving it! Every day I learn something new!!
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    The chickens use their bill to scoop and push the feed around. In the hanging feeder it caused the feed to spill out onto the ground. The trough I don't fill it to the top , they can bill the feed all they want and it does not flip out over the sides of the trough. I was told to put 2x3 wire over the top of the feeder but didn't have any laying around so used the electric fencing instead.
    My feeder is setting low because the banties have to be able to eat of it.
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    Good job!

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