Our Hurricane Irene Damage


12 Years
Mar 10, 2011
Northeast Pennsylvania
Who would have thought that over here in middle-ish PA we'd have to worry about a hurricane? I mean, really? I live slightly east of center state on the Lycoming county/Columbia county border. We are thinking we had a downburst or something because of the damage our small area endured, while a half mile in either direction there is barely any sign of damage. We were without power and just got it back last night around 7:30pm. I know there are far worse damage in other areas of our BYC community, but the thing is our location, the small area of severe damage and how unprepared we all were.

I need to apologize for some of the pictures. They were all taken on the cell phone and some didn't come out very well.

First, my great great aunt's trailer:

My great aunt's house which is right beside my great great aunt's:

My great aunt had another tree down on the other side of the house but I couldn't get that picture to load. She also lost her pony for four days. Some inconsiderate moron tied him down the road to a gate that's barely visible from the road. He had no shelter, food or water for an undetermined amount of time. Also while moving her vehicle out of under the trees, her dog (who is a notorious car chaser) got behind her where she couldn't see her and she hit her dog. Thankfully there was no broken bones, just ripped tendons and ligaments.

This is my great great grandfather's house, which is right across the road from my aunts' house and trailer:

He has a lot more trees down all over the place. The corn fields south of the houses were flattened while a half mile up the road the fields are upright.

And now my place...
I was outside at 5am getting the horse and pony in while the trees were coming down. The horse was running the pasture and whinnying like mad and woke me up. Once I saw the fence was ripped down, I had to put both boys in the barn, tied, until the weather calmed down. At one point I was trying to get out of the barn and the wind was so strong I couldn't push the door open. I had to wait until the 'gust' was over. I didn't get to take before the clean up pics. I had to go pick my son up from his paternal grand parents while everyone else went to tackle what I thought was one tree down...

These are all the same tree. I heard this one come down as I was putting the horse in the barn.



While I was out, my mom called me to let me know that if I had gone down the hollow, I would have seen I had 4 more trees down at the end of my drive.



And here's the rest of the damage around the house. Some of it I never noticed until after I came home and started taking pictures.





The hen shed door blew open and it made that eastern end that lost the tin even more wet. Thankfully everyone stayed in and was okay.

On top of everything, I lost all my food in the 21 cu.sq.ft freezer and the inside freezer/fridge. My mom lost the food she had in her upright that's here as well. I was concerned about my 3.5wk old chicks in the brooder with no heat. Thankfully everyone endured the damp, 50 degree nights. I was worried about one Lav Orp, but the babies seems fine now. I have one Speckled Sussex that just started acting weird yesterday. I am keeping an eye on her. She was pale and kind of lethargic and keeping her eyes half closed/closed. Her color is back and she was out foraging with everyone else today, but she's still squinty/closed eyed (no discharges of any kind).

Thankfully no one was seriously hurt.


8 Years
Jun 16, 2011
New York
we weathered the storm fairly well but drive to the next county and its like the apocalypse. clean up is still going on in schoharie county and donations are still pouring in. we have friends helping with the clean up and volunteering to help those who lost everything and are still in shelters. normally i wouldnt give anyone i dont know a ride but i look forward to driving down and picking up these people and they are so grateful it makes you cry.


9 Years
Dec 9, 2010
Central CT

That was my goat pen. Full of 3 trees now, and you can't really see my driveway but it's under all those crowns. Luckily no injuries.

I have WHAT in my yard?

11 Years
Jun 24, 2008
Eggberg, PA
Yeah, we have spent days cleaning up downed tree limbs. We didn't lose any whole trees, but several halves....

Glad you didn't lose any animals! But sorry to hear about doggy's injuries.


12 Years
Mar 10, 2011
Northeast Pennsylvania
Yeah, what we got wasn't pretty. I can't even imagine how people are managing that still don't have power. I was about to rip my hair out after 5 days. What is really annoying is that I just lost my water for a week about 3wks ago now - the water line between the house and spring had some holes. I literally just got my water back and was trying to catch up from that (laundry, cleaning, ect.).

On a lighter note, my mother works for a woman named Irene. Mom told her the next time she has a temper tantrum to take it else where and spare us.


8 Years
Jul 15, 2011
On the bright side. . . lots of fire wood! Still hope you're able to make it to the swap. You could use a day of fun and chicken chat after all that clean up!


8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
Hurricane Irene appeared to have fallen short of the doomsday predictions. Indeed, it caused so much destruction to all areas affected. More than million homes and businesses lost power, and deaths were blamed on the storm. Extensive damage plagued the entire coast as the storm uprooted trees, and caused flooding because of the storm's downpour. From what I read the storm caused an estimated $7 billion to $13 billion in damages. Therefore, the impact of the hurricane was really felt in all sectors including the auto industry. It has said that August auto sales fall below expectations after the storm. Now, even Mr. Barack Obama warned that the effects of Hurricane Irene will be felt for some time and the recovery or restoration will last for weeks or longer. I hope that the affected areas will soon stand up after this downfall. Lets pray for them.

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