Our incredulous story of generosity......young Coronation Sussex trio

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    So many people have helped our humble farm in so many ways.....I know I should highlight all of them and this is but one of many times we've been helped. We scrounge for all the farm equipment. We've been given canning jars, bubble wrap, boxes, fencing, equipment, cages,feeders,barns to take down,wood to make cages, etc, waters, furniture, food for the animals, a small flock of Easter eggers when we only had 1 boy EE rooster, hatching eggs, towels for the animals and volunteer helpers on projects and in times of emergencies. People brought food after major illness and so much more. The list just goes on and on how much help we've been given.

    But the latest instant of kindness was from a woman named Paula, who "heard" of my deepest desires for some Coronation Sussex to add to our flocks of poultry. We talked back and forth electronically. She knew of me and our farm through Facebook. Out of her deep compassion and kindness, she made an offer to send us some baby Coronation Sussex. I simply could not believe that offer. I looked at the screen and thought I had fallen asleep and imagined the words there. But no, they were there. These are birds that our simple farm could Never afford from those places that "sell these birds" for profit. I had gotten estimates before....it would have been enough to feed our 400+ animals for many many weeks and so I shook my head and said no.....Likewise eggs were out of the question as our best incubator was and remains a broken cabinet one, (spiking to 150 degrees!)so I didn't want to risk the eggs to what I had left which was prone to wild temperature swings and waiting for failure.

    And so I had resolved myself that if we were ever to be able to have Coronation Sussex, the Lord would totally make it so. And He totally did through Paula. It was the perfect practical farm example to me of "Let Go and Let God". We know we have been blessed by an earthly Angel.

    (And why was I so fond of this breed? Coronation Sussex are very very large, friendly and stately birds with a light lavendar markings. They were developed years ago to celebrate the coronation of King George of England. The lavendar is almost wedgewood in coloring. They have only recently become available in the United States and I was and am just captured by their beauty. I've been looking at pictures of these birds ever since I heard of them. I will post more pics of the babies so you can see that lovely hint of future coloring...They are just beauties and we are so honored to be able to include them in our flocks. )

    Thank you Paula for hearing my wish and taking a risk to be so kind to someone you only knew through the internet. Her kindness doesn't stop there, she prepared those beautiful birds so wonderfully for their trip. They had bits of fruit with them. They were shipped guaranteed 2 days postage but my wonderful USPS friends tracked that package and made a special trip to get them from another town so they would not be that long on their trip! Thank you USPS! It was a 24 hour trip instead of a 48 hour one! When shipping babies, that extra day can make all the difference on their stress. Little birds we literally ran to the car to come and get you. I have to confess we took no time to brush our hair but hopefully our happiness shows!


    So always believe in miracles. They still happen in all places. In your backyard, on the farm, at school, Be ready and looking for them. May you see them all around you and be part of them!

    Love, hugs and blessings to all of you. Nancy
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    Two of the happiest faces I've seen in a long, long time! Awesome story!
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    Wonderful! Obviously you deserve them [​IMG]
  4. teach1rusl

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    We hear so much of the negative side of people on the news, from our co-workers, and even from our friends. So it's nice to hear stories of generosity and selflessness...stories like this one. [​IMG] It sounds as if you have been blessed with caring people around you...
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    [​IMG] to Paula!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] to Bargain!!!!!!! When one door closes, another door opens!
  6. Three Cedars Silkies

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    So very happy for you....and pray many blessings on Paula for her generosity!!!

    Pay it forward..... [​IMG]
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    Wow, what an awesome story! That was so sweet and generous of Paula, and a big congratulations on your babies! [​IMG] I know these birds go for high prices and are rare, it is wonderful that she decided to do something so kind. You two look thrilled! It's true, amazing things happen even when you don't expect them. Now you've got to supply us with photos as they grow up!

    I agree with oldtimegator, time to pay it forward! [​IMG] And have fun with your beautiful babies!
  8. bargain

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    Definitely already paying it forward! But this is not about me, just about a wonderful person, who stepped out and said here you go..... And I just want to highlight how one person's generosity can change soo much.....I see so much sharing and caring and I'm so inspired and encouraged by it.... Sometimes generosity can be in the form of an egg, a bird, a word of encouragement or as simple as smile to a person you don't know....just so many things that can change a moment, a day, or a lifetime.

    I just want to share that These birds are so amazingly friendly too! The roo likes to sit on my shoulder! They were obviously well loved and cared for and am just so happy to be their mamma! Will post some more pictures as they grow along.... Nancy

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