Our lap chick, Rose the Buff Orphington


11 Years
Mar 18, 2008
Jefferson City, MO
We inherited an "orphaned" Buff Orph pullet from a friend who got 3 from the feed store (well, they were labeled Buff Orph pullets anyway) and promptly killed off two by not keeping them under heat. So she brought me the last one and after sugar water, a heat lamp, carrying her around for several hours in my shirt and FINALLY just buying 2 MORE chicks her age to keep her company, she has turned into the boss of the trio. She is about 3 weeks old now. My daughter plays gently with her every night, reads her stories, puts her in a dollhouse and carrys her around in a basket. The chick doesn't seem to mind. Tonight said chick (now named Rose) decided that she would initiate a little lovin' and happily sat on my daughter's lap for 20 minutes. I knew I would love chickens, but its so neat to watch my daughter become a real chicken lover too.


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