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6 Years
May 1, 2013
It's raining.
We currently have a flock of three, but will be getting more by next week. So, as we are right now, here's our girls:

#1: This is our seven year old Ameraucana, Tillie! She's the sweetest cuddle hen in the whole world. If I come outside, she'll stop whatever she's doing and run over to jump on my lap.

#2: Little Miss Millie is our 4 year old Buff Orpington. She everyone's companion, and loves to follow you around the yard. Though sometimes she's a bit too curious and fearless for her own good. She'll park herself right infront of the lawn mower while I'm mowing the grass :) She actually loves jumping on everyone's backs, too!

#3: And last, but certainly not least, we have our diva, MayBelle. She's also four, and concentraits far too much on her looks and food. She dreams of being a mama with a brood of chicks and prides herself and being fluffy. We've actually nicknamed her "Waffles" for having so much fluff (and liking her meals so much ;) ).

(having a stare down with a beet root...)


Anyhow, those are our hennies! We love them all dearly and I think they have mutual feelings. I'll be sure to update when we get chickies!

ETA: We have our new babies! Here's a picture of my darling barred rock, Sherlock:

She's the leader of the three new girls, and craves to be held all the time. If I put my hand in their box, she'll jump up onto it as soon as she can :)
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