Our little Leghorn/Devil Story

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    Aug 23, 2010
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    We hatched out this little leghorn Tigger, a few years ago, he was the sweetest little bird, he would follow you to the mailbox and back, he wouldnt poo on the floor's he would go to sleep werever you put him. He was raised with 12+ Female Leghorns who pecked his comb off. when he grew up..He Turned Mean. chased Me down the yard out of the garden down the road and back. I always had to carry a broom with me incase he tryed floging me. again. He took me down 3 times. he chased my best friend my step-sister and my dad, he HAD to go! he got so bad him and ourother roo (BBQ) Almost killed each other one day, This had to stop, i felt so bad when out friend came and got him it was a Bitter sweet moment! but i was happy he was gone the next day when i went to feed, i didnt have to carry a bulky broom or anything! i felt so glad...a few weeks later the woman who got him called her and We talked for awhile then the waoman said "dont be mad.." I asked "why?" she said "we ate the white roo he took down my grandaughter and gashed her leg" I said "well just dont eat the brians cause you dont wanna be like him" thats when our lil man whent into the pot!!..it started out sweet, then ended up fried !!

    Just wanted to share!!
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    Sorry it turned out bad, but it was for the best! [​IMG]

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