Our male Polish Hen and bald head

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    Jul 12, 2011
    In our cute bundle of supposedly all barr chickens we had one oddball which turned out to be a beautiful male Golden Polish...but the hens are all eating his head feathers so he looks like a monk! As soon as a few feathers start to grow back they eat his feathers. What should we do..[​IMG]

    He just starting cock-a-doodling and it's so cute! He really is proud of himself.

    All our hens and 2 roosters are 5 months old...no egg layers yet either...keep hoping we see an egg soon. My twins even put golf balls in the nest boxes to encourage them! lol...
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    Your title confused me a bit. "Our male Polish hen...".
    Polish are easy targets for pecking due to those really neat head feathers. Some folks use "peepers" on their hens to prevent pecking. You may consider keeping the roo separate until he gets his full crest. I think those things are called "pinless peepers". I've never used them but others have and really like them.
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    You can ut some Blu Kote on him, that may help. There are also products that are herb based that you can spray on him that will discourage feather picking. There is also a product for horses called Wonder Dust that could help, but I have never tried that, just read about it
  4. goobies4jc

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    Jul 12, 2011
    hahaha, I guess I was being dumb with my 'male Polish HEN" ooooops!

    Thanks for the quick replies. Will look into everything. [​IMG]

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