Our Mini Barn Coop (pic heavy)


10 Years
Jun 13, 2009
We have been working on our mini barn coop conversion all week, still not finished, I admire all who have started one from scratch, it's alot of work.

That is going to be so charming and such a great home! Will you be adding another window or vent for cross ventilation? And is that linoleum? It looks like real tile in the photo. How many chickens and what kind will live there? When are coming to work on mine? :D
Awesome ~ we converted a shed too. I have photos on my pages. Good luck with yours!
Yes we are adding vents to each peak, we might add windows in the door, only place big enough, haven't decided yet, maybe a skylight. Till then I will supplement with indoor lighting. We have 12 chickes in the living room brooder as we speak. 6 Golden Comets, 4 RIR and 2 Black JG's/all pullets. It is linoleum, couldn't find glass board to put down. The run will have a 10x12 area covered with metal roofing and another 10x12 area uncovered.

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