Our new babies! (pics)

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    Jun 21, 2011
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    They are actually 4 days old, but they hatched on the 27th of June shipped out and arrived on the morning of the 29th, and I had to let them settle down, eat and rest for a day before I started any contact with them and took pics. They are from "My Pet Chicken", They all arrived healthy, full of energy and beautiful! I'm so excited because this is my second small batch of chicks (I have 6 other chicks from early spring this year) and very first time ever ordering chicks by mail! Anyway, there are 7 pullets. 2 are Welsummers, 2 are Cuckoo Marans, and 3 are from the Rare Marans Collection. The three rares are different from each other, one is white and feather legged, one is white with very slight smudges of dark near the eyes, head and back but is not feather legged. The other is dark colored but still looks alot like the Cuckoos but black wing tips, maybe a black copper. I added a side note that I would love to have BCMs if they had any on hatch day. I have no clue what any of these rares are, I love surprises, so this should be fun to see what they turn out to be as they grow!
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    Anyone have any guesses what these rares are? We'll just have to wait and see! I'm really having a blast with all my chicks...I think I may be a broody ha ha! I'm totally obsessed with my chicks, can't imagine what I would one day be like with an incubator...OMG! No, really I'm all set for now and a little over my max with 13 chicks. I still need to find a good rooster so I can feel more safe with them ranging one day. Anyone from my area have a good Roo they would like to part with?
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    I am so not good at telling what they are as chicks, but I do know they are beautiful! thanks for sharing [​IMG]

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