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    Aug 18, 2008
    Please tell me what you think!! Right now, we are only selling eating eggs through word of mouth. Within the next month hatching eggs will be available for sale.


    TO DO list:
    better pictures of the olive eggs, and grown adults
    better pictures of the marans eggs, and grown adults
    flesh out the 'news' section.
    possibly add a 'recipes' section?

    ** Please, let's not turn this into a 'wow you charge too much for eggs!' discussion. My market can and does support the prices I charge (I'm always sold out, with 15-18 laying hens and more on the way!), not to mention how much more bulk feed costs out here.
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    Apr 23, 2010
    Ottawa, Ohio
    I like the layout and the home page is visually appealing. I like seeing your girlies free-ranging.

    I WISH we could sell eggs for the same price you have yours listed.... we sell a dozen for around $2-$3.... and if they give me a carton I cut them a break of $.50. Our cartons sell at the local feed store for $.53, so I save money if they bring their own. Do you have your own cartons with your farm name on them? I've been thinking about doing that. All in all, I like your website. Good job!

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