Our New Coop - In progress! **Updated pics post 5


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Apr 4, 2011
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Hello, Fellow BYC'ers. I have often used this thread for ideas and just like to look at all the new designs. Well due to the fact that chicken math took a big hold on me. If you count chicks, we now have over 50! Our first coop which is attached to our barn has 12 standard sized birds. The other's are in various stages of grow out. I built a chicken tractor after about 2 weeks of chicken ownership to house the new chickens that needed quaranteened. Now I we are in the process of building a large chicken coop with runs. It is still in progress, but will post as we go along. Any thoughts from the experts appreciated.

Looking down at the coop from the barn, the brown building on the left will be one of the coops.

Looking into the run towards the barn. The run will be sectioned off with 4 areas. Three of the areas we will need to build a small enclosure/coop for the chickens, the largest area will use the brown building for a coop.


Our first two area's sectioned off. The chicken tractor is in there right now to provide housing for my adolescent chicks.


Standing at those pens looking toward brown coop.

One more section to section off, then desing coop areas and add grass feature and dust bath area. Oh and also have a small broody area going beside the brown coop.
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The problem is that of those 50 some birds, I have like 12 different breeds. Not really going to do a lot of breeding but need seperate areas for the ones I do want to breed. Also, by sectioning them off, I can grow out the birds and introduce them to the main flock. This coop area is also closer to the house, so if I want to let them free range it will be easier to watch them.
Thought I would post some updated pictures of my coop. We are still in progress but are working hard.


We converted a shed into a coop. Right now we only have a few roosts, but may add more later. As warm as it is, we are keeping the door open for now, but can close it up this winter. To the left of the shed is a small area that we are going to make into a broody area for mom's and babies.


In this photo, I am looking toward two of the area's. We built one small coop for 3-4 chickens in the one on the right, the one on the left still has the tractor in it. Right before the left side run is a section for grass, so they always have greens but don't scratch it down to nothing, that I found out about from another BYCer. And then far right of the picture where my son is, we are building another small coop area. All total when complete there will be 4 coop/runs. Sadly I still have more chicken breeds than I have room to do individual places for! lol


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