Our new coop is done. (link to photos)

harrisville chicken

13 Years
Apr 2, 2009
Northern Utah
After 4-1/2 Saturdays of construction (original estimate 1-1/2 to 2 Saturdays) we now have a coop to replace our A-frame coop, which was proving a little cramped for our Easter Eggers.
I've put photos and some commentary on my BYC page, in case you didn't want to wait for this page to download all the photos.

Very cute coop, I really like to have one like yours
Cool coop! Looks like it's going to be easy to clean. Loved the little pop door leading outside. We started to put one in the bottom of our people door leading from the run to the outside. I like the way you did yours. Good job.
Thanks all. It's nice to have it done. I can have my weekends back now and we're just starting to get the cold, blustery weather with fall coming now.

Now that we have a little more room, my wife has been looking for another hen or two. Any ideas of the maximum capacity?
The minimum square feet for large breed chickens inside the coop is 4 per bird and the minimum square feet in the run is 10 per bird. The more space per bird the better!

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