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    So it has been six weeks since I convienced my Husband we needed to start raising chickens. I had hoped the two months of lead up time before the chicks arrived he would have had plenty of time to get the coop ready. As always life got in the way and the coop is not finished, but... it is getting closer..

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    May 14, 2011
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    Keep Working -looks good so far ! [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
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    Nice. My first apartment was smaller that your coop! How many chickens you you plan on keeping?
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    Thanks everyone.

    I ordered 42 brahmas for delivery next week. About two weeks ago I was checking out craigslist and found 3 peafowl, which we have talked about for years. They are about a year old, two girls and one boy, they are just bigger than a large chicken. We housed them for a week in a old beat up wreck of a coop, they could not fly or even spread their wings until Monday night when we finally got the left side enclosed. They are happy birds right now. ;)

    We have so many "little things" to finish up on, covering the wire on the inside with 1x4, interior walls, roots, poop boards, exterior door, electrical and a system for water (we are planning a gravity fed water system. The right section is 8x11, middle for storage and future brooder and/or whatnot is 4x11 and the left side is just under 8x11.

    This was to have been a "cheap" coop with us using scrap lumber and whatever we had laying around....... then my husband got out is grid paper and went crazy. lol
    He is still stressing about the nest boxes, and we have not even gotten the chicks....
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    The coop looks Beautiful!! as far as the nest boxes go I would attach them on the outside where you could lift up to get the eggs
    and to clean without stepping inside the coop also would give you more space for them.
    I had my husband do that on my latest coop and it works great!!

    BTW I love the Brahma's my favorite is the dark.. They do get big and tend to eat alot and get fat
    so have to be a little carefull but love them. Have Buff Orphingtons,Amerucanas, Marans,
    Wellsummers and a New Jersey Giant and they all get along great either in coop at night or pen when we are gone or when they get to free range a few hrs each day have 10 acres but found if let them out later in day they stay closer to
    the pen and coop and safer.
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