Our new coop!


6 Years
Sep 10, 2013
My question is this: too much purple?
Well, since purple is my favorite color, I think you have it about right. Though you could go with some lighter or darker shades of purple for contrast on the doors and windows, no need to waste space on white. And you do know you can get concrete dye and make concrete blocks in purple, just a thought for the future. Unfortunately I have never seen purple roofing shingles. Very cute little coop though, and I like you made the entry ramp to match. So what color chickens will be going in it?
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I think it looks awesome. I love bright colored coops. All mine are dark or neutral shades and I always want to repaint them some thing bright and fun to stand out. Problem is I have so many coops my family wants them to blend in lol.

I love the purple you did a great job.
I love it! Purple is so fun and whimsy! I'm thinking I'll paint my coop to match our house, off white and cape cod blue, or I may get on a childlike whim and do pink : ) Not totally sure yet, but yours has inspired me

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