Our new Emu!! Pics, and a couple questions!!

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    Dec 31, 2010
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    We bought our fist Emu, this weekend. He is settling in well, and since he was raised as a pet...he is very friendly. (at times, almost to friendly lol )
    Please excuse the pics posted, as he was wet from laying beside me, as I gave him a cool water hose spray off. He LOVES it, when I have the hose!!

    I have read everything I can find online about the care/housing/and feeding of Emu. I do have one question though....this guy seems to really love the alfalfa hay, we feed to our horses. Every morning, when I give the horses a flick of hay...this guy follows behind me, eating every green alfalfa leaf I drop. It is ok for him to eat this?? I know for horses, it can be to rich...and should only be feed in moderation.

    Also, I was told this a 1 1/2 y/o male Emu. He has yet to make any noises. No hum, no drum, no noise at all. Just walks around quietly....and I have spent countless hours outside with him...and have heard nothing. Is there any way to tell by my posted pics?? We will be on the look out to purchase a couple more Emu, from the same place we got this boy from...but want to be sure we are being told the right age and sex, for each Emu we are buying.




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    Females drum, males don't. The fact that he is friendly leads me to believe he is indeeed a he. I don't think their is any way to tell age.

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