Our new flock...what kind are they?


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Sep 27, 2009
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Our daughter's co-worker/friend, Judy, gave us these chickens when we discovered that the "poultry farms" in our area that we found listed on the internet were in fact PURDUE farms. Oops, our bad. (boy do we feel foolish)

She had LOTS of chickens free ranging on her farm --especially guinnea hens. I didn't get any of those.

Anyway, Judy said that she got these as peeps this spring and that they were already laying.

Here is the black one.

Here is the one with the lacey looking feathers on her neck and breast.

Isn't this one beautiful! Our granddaughter promptly named her Twinkle.

And we have three of these lovely ladies.

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All red hens looks like production Reds.

Black with the red necks are Black sex links.

The all black looks like a Australorp or Giant. Yellow feet on the bottom will be a giant, white bottoms would be an Australorp.

ETA: The black hen on the right in the second pic, does she have red on her neck and underbody? I cant tell if it's red or glare.
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I misspoke. I meant the first pic.
She looks to have some red under her earlobe and some on her thigh and fluff area.

If so she may be a BSL as well.

I saw your other thread on the building of your coop. It looks great.
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Looks to have a reflection from the flash. I see the red in neck and if its the same pullet in 2nd pic on the right then she has yellow and black feet so I say another Black Sex-link and not Black Austalorp.
Yes, the one in the 1st pic is the one on the right in the 2nd pic and the legs are yellow and black.

And Yes, they are quite hefty. They were allowed to roam free all over the lady's farm and she also gave them layer pellets and she threw cracked corn for them every day.

UPDATE from other posts---we already have 3 eggs.


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