Our new rescue chicken, Lola!

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    May 19, 2008
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    This past Saturday, hubby sent me a text message at work saying that there was a chicken running loose in the field near the Lowes' parking lot. I told him to try to rescue her, but he said it was impossible because she was too fast and there was nowhere to corner her.

    So, the next day I was off of work and we happened to stop by Lowes. Sure enough, she was still there, laying down under a tree next to the parking lot. I told hubby to stop the car so I could hop out and catch her. He said there's no way you'll ever be able to do it, she's too fast. Well, if there's one thing I do well, it's catch chickens so I took that as a challenge. Besides, the poor thing wasn't going to make it very long out there in the open with no protection from predators and no food.

    At first it looked hopeless as she was really speedy and she was in a big open area. I had some wild bird food in the car with sunflower seeds and tried tossing some of that out to lure her closer, but she was too smart for that. Then I remembered the last time we rescued a lost chicken from another parking lot (it was a american game hen we found at wal mart) and what had worked to catch that chicken...basically we chased her around until she got tired and went up into the undercarriage of a car where I was able to crawl up underneath and grab her.

    So we switched tactics and started herding her out of the field, into the parking lot. Sure enough, she didn't want to be on the hot pavement so she made a beeline for my truck and after a couple mins she jumped up into the wheel well to get off the pavement. Then I just reached in and grabbed her. She was pretty overheated, it's been well over 100* here for weeks, but otherwise looks very heatlhy. Her feathers are glossy and clean, eyes are clear, no nasal discharge or wheezing and she is very alert. She really seemed to like the air conditioning in my car and sat happily on my lap enjoying the breeze. I even carried her in to the Lowes while we picked up a few things. Hubby was embarrassed but I thought it was hilarious to see people trying to pretend not to notice a person walking around with a chicken under one arm!

    She sat quietly on my lap the whole way home and when we got there she perked up and go very excited as soon as she heard the other chickens. Normally I would quarantine any new birds but I had nowhere that I could put her right now as the heat makes locking them up impossible during the day. So I took her to the coop to show her the feed and she immediately dove in and ate like she was starving. Then she went outside to free-range with the rest of the flock like she'd lived there her whole life. She even put herself up in the coop when it got dark the very first night! She seems very happy to be in her new home and is getting along well with all of my birds. It's like she appreciates being rescued and doesn't want to be a bother.

    Will try to get some pics up soon. She is a very pretty rhode island red hen, dark mahogany with bright yellow legs. Which makes her easy to spot because the rest of my RIRs have pale legs. We have decided to name her Lola!

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    wtg- post some pics!!
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    Great story! [​IMG] And chicken catching is a good skill to have. She's a very lucky hen. [​IMG]
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    Aug 4, 2011
    SWEET! we found one of my chickens running in the street in town. I think its a roo and It took a long time to be accepted into the flock [​IMG] He currently has a broken leg [​IMG] I just hope he recovers from his injury.
    Its nice of you to take in that chicken [​IMG] did the others accept it?
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    May 24, 2011
    aw thats such a lovely story.. thank goodness she has you to look after her now
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    May 3, 2011
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    Aww poor chickee! No pictures? [​IMG]

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