Our newly finished pallet coop!!

David Co11ins

Dec 2, 2012
I posted these pictures under another forum topic a while back and figured I would share them here. We put a little over $100 in the finished product since I could not find some small lumber and hardware for free. But overall we have saved a lot of money by going this route. We leave the door to the run open so the hens and rooster get to roam free all day. We do occasionally keep them locked in the run but not very ofter right now. It measures 8'x10' with a 10'x25' run. The netting over the top came from Lowes and was about $7 for a 14'x14' section. Other than that its a pretty simple coop design. My wife and I are by no means carpenters so this was a challenging, yet fun and rewarding, project!



The Chicken Whisperer
Premium member
May 11, 2010
Impressive! I wish I had that kind of talent. Alas, I'm a hazard with a hammer.
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