Our Pea chick left with a stray peahen.


May 21, 2015
We have 2 males, 1 adult peahen (sitting on 3 eggs hatching day on Sat or Sunday) 1- 1 year old pea chick. Our 1 year old pea chick left yesterday with a stray peahen that showed up on our property a few days ago. She came last year for a few days during mating season then left and showed up again, hunting our males down. We got home yesterday to found miss stray and our pea chick were gone. She has never been outside our property or just walks the perimeter, our property has tons of trees but we live in the desert all flat land. What is the chance she is feeling abandoned by her mom who is sitting on the eggs and her coming back once she sees that miss random is going to sit on eggs also? She will once again be abandoned. Do they have a good sense of direction or know where they live.? Our males are going crazy looking for her and we don't think mom knows she is missing.
Any advice would be appreciated. We want our little girl to come home.
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Mar 30, 2007
Belleville, Kansas
I am so sorry to hear this, I am sure like you said with her momma sitting she was lonesome. I do hope she shows up, there is a chance. If she is lost she might be disoriented, they can get that way very easily. Play some peacock calls or make your pea call if you can, it might help her home in on where home is. Play Internet peacocks calls if your male won't, as loud as you can.

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