Our plan for Chicken Christmas.....

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    Apr 25, 2007
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    OK, so Olivia and I went to cut down a Christmas tree a couple of weeks ago, and the farmer gave her a funny little 3' tall Charlie Brown tree for the chickens.

    We spent the drive back brainstorming how we could decorate it, preferably with something edible, for the girls on Christmas morning.

    First we though of stringing popcorn, but didn't want them to eat the thread. Then we thought of making pine-cone peanut butter-birdseed "ornaments" and hanging them on the tree, but again, whatever the hanger was made of might hurt the girls if they ate it.

    Need edible hanger........

    Finally we came up with the solution: candy-cane and wreath-shaped chicken "cookies" that hang right on the branches due to their shape. I found a recipe for homemade dog biscuits and we modified it and baked them today. They have oats, granola, egg, a bit of grated cheese, whole wheat flour, and a little oil. They smell yummy, actually!! For Christmas we'll decorate them with peanut butter and scratch, and hang them on the little tree and let the girls have at it.

    Anyone do anything like this before?

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    Jun 8, 2007
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    Take photos!
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    That sounds like such a great family project. Your chickens are going to just love it. What a cleaver idea! Please do take pictures.

    Santa usually visits our pets also. The dogs always find a candycane shaped ediable treat hanging from the tree, the cats get some kind of catnip treat, and frog & fish get food. I don't know what he'll bring the chickens this yr.

    Happy Holidays!

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