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    Just a warning, this is very long and if you don’t want to read it all, you may just want to scroll down to the pictures--there are lots of them!

    I am so-o-o excited! DD and I went to a Halloween party and we BOTH won prizes for our costumes! I really expected DD to win but for me to win also was a shock! DD deserved to win (I really thought she was going to from the start) as she spent HOURS making her costume, which is “The Titanic Ghost”. I knew this wouldn’t be easy and I warned her but she HAD to do it. I won in the “Most Original” category and she won “The Best Lady Costume”. I think DD should have gotten the “Most Original” prize but, thankfully, she won anyway.

    So she went to the fabric store and got some gray/green material that was intended for a “Mummy” which had pre-made holes in it. She also found lining fabric in a matching color and from these two, she made the skirt. She found a white blouse on sale that was ruffled in the Edwardian style (after all, the Titanic sank in 1912). She had a straw hat with a flower (all the ladies wore hats in those days) and purchased long white gloves at a costume store. I had a nice large costume jewelry cameo necklace that I purchased at a garage sale and gave her that to wear. She also wore a pearl bracelet, thought that was fitting since pearls come from the sea! She had a long gray wig that she trimmed, as it was too long. You really didn’t see much of her feet due to the length of the skirt, but she wore boots which were suitable to the period. She also found some artificial “greens” in the craft store which she attached to her costume to give it the look of seaweed being stuck on it. And a large starfish went on her skirt! She did her face in white makeup with black/gray eye shadow and black lips. But the hardest part was yet to come…

    She needed a life preserver (obviously, it did not serve its purpose)! This really had us stumped for while but then I suggested that she check the craft store for a wreath form. She got one and wrapped it with batting and bubble wrap and covered it with fabric. She then added ribbons to attach a rope and found lettering to form the word “Titanic” and the date “1912”. This was a difficult project to complete but it really made the costume!

    She wanted to go to a Halloween costume party and I went along. This meant I also needed a costume. I did have two from years past, a pirate and a witch, but it is always fun to get a new costume. So off I went to a year-round costume store and found my “Lady Luck” costume. I thought it was both glamorous and funny at the same time, a combination you don’t often come across.

    It consists of a green (the color of money, of course) crushed velvet gown with a matching hat that has, of all things, a roulette wheel on the top! The gown is embellished with a golden horseshoe at the bodice and has lucky charms dangling from it, including fake rabbit’s feet and a four-leaf clover. The “sleeves” are made of square-shaped foam with black dots to look like dice. I also purchased a boa made of huge, fake $100.00 bills and a drawstring purse (got the purse on the internet) that looks like a money bag, with a dollar sign on the front and fake fabric money sticking out the top. Earrings came with the costume but they were very flimsy and were clip-ons, which I usually can’t wear for any period of time before they start to hurt. So I searched eBay and found a pair of pierced dangling rhinestone dollar sign earrings. I also purchased a three-knuckle dollar sign ring and a very long cigarette holder and fake cigarettes. DD also found me a matching single dollar sign ring. Long black gloves came with the costume but they were way too large for me and they would have covered my nails, which I intended on painting green to match the gown. So I found black mesh fingerless gloves, which solved all those problems. I also purchased black fishnet stockings, but I had to wear my simple black Skechers shoes as I can’t possibly wear heels all night. But they are embellished with sequins, so that helped (and you didn‘t see my feet that much, anyway). I topped it all off with green eye shadow and liner and glittery long fake eyelashes! I also wore a much redder lip color than usual and used some all-over glitter and some glittery gold hairspray.

    As it never seems to fail, it was raining when we were getting ready to go out and, fortunately DH was around to do the last “chicken/egg” run of the day. Normally, I do all the chicken chores so this was an exception.

    I couldn’t talk DH into going to the party so he took our grandson to the movies and out to eat in the meantime. DD is a single mom (divorced from a nitwit--I could call him a lot worse but this is a family site--to give you an idea, he hasn’t seen his son in nearly a year and a half and he lives locally), so it was just the two of us.

    Here we are at home:

    This is me with DH...


    This is DD with DH...



    DD with our grandson...





    My ridiculous hat...



    This was at home but I must have looked like this when I learned I won a prize...


    Here we are at the party:





    Hard to believe, but I already have my costume figured out for next year. I am going to be a chicken farmer! Yes, you read that right, a chicken farmer! That may not be so unusual in other areas but around here, not too many people have chickens. I decided I will wear blue denim overalls with the cuffs rolled up to keep them out of the mud (in my imagination, I hope) with a red and white checked shirt (if I can find one) and red rubber rain boots (saw them on eBay). I will have to look for scraps of fabric to make fake patches for the overalls. I already have a natural straw hat and blonde braids that I can attach to my hair. I also have a nice chicken/egg basket that I found in the craft store (the one I really use is too small for this purpose) and a life-size rooster figure that is covered with real feathers that I can carry around. I plan on getting a hen like that that I can put in the basket with fake eggs and little fuzzy yellow Easter chicks (the ones that are in the stores around Easter time). I also plan on attaching a couple of chicks to the top of my hat, along with some red ribbon and some fake daisies! I will tie the ends of my braids with matching red ribbon and I will use a brown eyeliner pencil to put freckles on my cheeks. Geez…I can’t believe I’m thinking about this already!

    In conclusion (my heartfelt thanks for anyone having the patience to read this whole thing), I am extremely happy that DD won a prize, as her costume was an AWFUL lot of work and turned out GREAT! Since mine was ready-made, I’m not sure I should have won a prize but it was a great feeling to win! I kind of felt like a celebrity walking across the dance floor to claim my prize with everyone clapping and taking pictures! Incidentally, DD won a gift certificate for a haircut and a basket full of hair care products and I won a gift certificate for a local restaurant and a bottle of wine. All prizes were donated by local merchants as the party was at the Fire Department.

    Again, thank you all for looking and reading, I just wanted to share our good fortune! [​IMG] Genie
  2. WOW!! Amazing jobs. I LOVE your Lady Luck costume! What a great idea in this economy!!! [​IMG]
    Your daughters costume is very original and her life preserver came out GREAT!
    Congrats to both [​IMG]
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    You guys did a great job!! LOVE the costumes!!
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    Feb 25, 2009
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    So cool! I love Halloween, and seeing everyone's costumes!
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    Great costume ideas..

    That money looks so real too..

    Congrats on the win.
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    Wow great job!! My son was a chicken farmer this year. He even took his serama to the halloween bash with him [​IMG]
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    Quote:Wow, that's great! I would LOVE to take one of my chickens with me (maybe a Silkie or BO, they're all so tame) but I think the Fire Department might object (and she might "mess" on the dance floor). Even DH suggested it!
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    You did a fantastic job on those costumes! [​IMG] BOTH were so creative!! You SHOULD be pround of yourself!!
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    Wonderful costumes! Congratulations to you both on winning prizes!
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    Nov 3, 2009
    Great costumes![​IMG] Award winning![​IMG] love it![​IMG] straw hat

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