Our recycle Tote Coop for breeder pair/broody hens *PICS*

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    Sep 10, 2008
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    My DH was able to get a few of these and we had this idea. Thought we would try it and see. Everything was free except the chicken wire. We cut the bottom off to give the geese a deeper pool and this is as far as we got this weekend on our tote coops. Feel free to help with design, cause we are designing as we go. The plastic tote was cleaned the red is staining that we could not remove. the pen and tote are 3' x4' we divided the coop part in half with plywood. We have a couple of pair of banty that we are planning to house in these until we get their big breeder pen done. We thought this was a great recycle idea and once the breeder coops are done we can use these for brooding hens.



  2. Great idea. Should work great for bantams or broodies.

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