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    Apr 19, 2012
    Just wanted to tell you something that I think is unique and rare. Maybe not as rare as I think but anyway here it goes:
    We had a rhode island red hen sitting on about 10 eggs for the past 3 and half weeks. She hatched 3 of them on Tuesday. One little black chick was either pushed out or fell out of the nesting box. It was found very cold on Wed. and so we brought it inside under a heatlamp. Later that day we come to find the other 2 babies are gone. We don't know if a cat got them or the other hens/roosters...they were no where to be found. The Momma was clearly upset and was done setting on the rest of the eggs. The same day we get a call that our cornish cross babies are in. So we go and pick the 15 of them up plus 5 california grey chicks. We get home and put them plus the one we saved earlier, in our chick box (that is inside our coop). We are setting the water and food when Momma hen (who was sad, you could tell) is over checking out the babies...my husband and I decide to see if she would sit with them in the box. Oh my, she sat right down with all of them. This morning I checked on her and her new babies, and she had all 20+ underneath her wings and body. It was an awesome sight to see. She is a supreme mom thus far. I am so happy that we could give her the babies she so deserved!!!![​IMG][​IMG]

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    That is so sweet. I have heard of chicks being put under a broody hen, and sometimes it works, sometimes not. I'm glad the timing worked so well for your mama hen.
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    I love it! It is great she's able to raise chicks, she was meant for it!
    We had a wonderful BO who did the same thing. She had 3 of her own and when the we only a couple days old, I got my shipment of meaties. She accepted them under her wing along with the older chicks! Fantastic mother, she is missed very much.
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    that is SO SO SO sweet!

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