our rooster hates me!

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    Our rooster "Jake" hates me, everytime i get close to him, he tries to spike me. He has punched holes in my legs through my jeans and socks. He also slams into the wire fence trying to get me. Is this normal? He loves my husband and never tries it with him. Any suggestions?
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    No need to keep a human aggressive rooster when there are plenty of good ones looking for a home. These birds are supposed to be fun not aggravation. Turn him into coq au vin or chicken and dumplings.
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    X2 what Sourland said. That's a nasty bird and he's not going to change unless maybe you suddenly become very, very good at being the dominant one. Even then he is going to routinely challenge you and try to ambush you whenever he can. So not worth it and you certainly don't want birds with nasty temperaments like that reproducing.
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    I've found this method almost always cures a problem with an aggressive rooster:

    When rooster charges you, grab him. Easiest way to catch can be by grabbing leg (Be sure to not pick roo up off ground by leg--just grab him by leg), or catching him by net. It may be good to keep roo in coop where he's easier to catch for a few days during training period.

    After you grab him, pick him up & carry him around in one arm (with his wings held against his body) several minutes as you do chores. Let him watch you work around his ladies. Then pet him a little & put him back down. If he charges again, pick him up again. Do not allow any attacks to go un-consequenced during training.

    This seems to make a rooster realize:
    * People are bigger than me & have more power than me. [​IMG]
    * A person can take control of me whenever they want. A person will take control of me if I attack.
    * The ladies are all going to see me one-upped by a person if I attack. [So embarrassing!]
    * I will miss out on running around, sharing any treats, & all other fun for a few minutes if I attack. [​IMG]
    * This person is not going to actually do anything mean or purposefully threatening to me.
    * Even if I'm not fighting this person off, the things this person does that seem threatening to my flock actually don't harm my flock. [​IMG]
    * I do not have any valid need to attack this person to protect my flock or myself.

    I believe this method will work with most roosters within 4-8 sessions. [​IMG] They may need an infrequent reminder session once in a while, but not often.

    Your rooster sounds like he's been painfully aggressive, but perhaps he would change. Good luck!

    p.s. You can also blunt or shorten his spurs. There are instructions on my website.
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    I concur.
    There's so many good roosters on death row needing parole that you don't have to endure a crap rooster.

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