Our school is doing a new thing this year..


10 Years
Sep 13, 2009
Near Ottawa Ontario Canada
My youngest dd, 4 years old.

Came home with a new pencil yesterday. It say's, "Got caught doing something good"

So I had never seen nor heard about this. I said oh, did everyone get this?
dd, "Nope just me"
me, "why did you get this"
dd, ' cause I was useing my helping hands" I helped the little kids put thier shoes on.. lol she in jk, youngest grade in her school, but she helped the little kids.. (Some kids start at three)
me, " So who gave this to you
dd, Mr XXX and Mr XXX (Both princapals)

They told her she did a great job helping people.. I'm so proud of her, I just had to share.. I guess they are trying to focus on the good things kids do. Great idea.
I'm not surprised, she is a little mother hen.. Always worrying about how people/ animals feel..

Anyways that's my feel good moment for the day.. DD never got to show me last night, it was crazy busy with halloween going on.. (We rushed from school, to diner, to out)

Really nice to see, them focusing on the "good" things
Thank-you, so much.. It's so not my doing.(Ok well a bit, a I teach them to love everyone ect.. but She is just one of those girls who care..
I am so happy to see the school noticing "good things" I hope they do this for every class/grade. I believe this is one small step against bullying. (I hope) Lets pick out the good in people and run with it, not the bad.

Has anyone else seen schools do this? Will it work for older kids?
My daughter's school does it all the time, and it's K-6th grade. They call it Paw Pats, after the mountain lion mascot. Even my son's 7th-8th grade does it too, and they can cash them in for rewards. I'm really grateful the older kids do it, since my son is autistic and though he is mainstreamed it's at the emotional level of a much younger kid. I'm very happy to see kinds get rewarded for the good things. Growing up, I remember getting rewarded for straight As and punished for bad behavior, but no encouragement for the kids in the middle.
Congratulations to your daughter and I hope she realizes that her pencil is as valuable as any trophy. She is a star. yay her!

My high school son came home with the words,"I knew my geometry teacher was brilliant but now I realize she's brilliant on many levels."
So I said, "how's that?"
Then he told me that the class was making so much noise that she yelled,"Okay, That's it! I have had enough." Then she reached into her desk drawer and everyone expected her to pull out the referrals and she pulled out a bag of starburst chews. My son figured she'd hand them to the noisy kids to keep them quiet, and to his and the rest of the classes surprise, she handed them to the quiet kids who were doing their work. Even after the loud kids got quiet they did not get a starburst. She held her ground. That tickled my son to no end.

When I was growing up I heard 'be good for the sake of goodness, and goodness is it's own reward'. I watched the other kids get bribed to be good, but even I realized as a small child that they would be idiots to stop being difficult because as soon as you become "good" the bribes stop. When you were the good kid you got more responsibility and more work, and no one gave you a starburst fruit chew unless they wanted you quiet.
Finally, the grownups have figured it out.

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