Our Storm Pictures...***DUW***


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Jan 25, 2008
The Wilds of Western PA
Well, after the remnants of Ike blasted through Sunday night, we were left with no power and about 20 downed trees. Plus, on side of the roof was ripped off the coop.

We *finally* got our power back on about 2:30 this afternoon.

Here's some pictures of our tree damage:







And from the inside of the coop:

My husband picking up the pieces:

But, all hens survived, and our roo, so that's a plus.

One of our outside kitties got a head injury somehow, she's very neurologically challenged. We're nursing her a bit, to see if she comes around, but I fear she will have to be put down.

There's many people in our area that are still without power and some people are being told not to expect it back on until next WEEK!!!

It's good to be back on-line. Whew!!
I'm in the far north eastern corner of Ohio, bordering PA. That wind was something else!
On the Erie news tonight they talked with a woman that drove up here from Texas because she was in Ike's path. And the storm followed her up here!
I'm glad you have your power back on and didn't have too much damage. I have been picking up branches for the past two days. My goats are enjoying it because a lot of pine branches came down and they love pine needles.
Hey...sorry about the damage!! My poor brother lives in New Orleans...he bought a 'safe' house/cabin in Northern Mississippi after Katrina and they got HIT by a tree too!! But not much damage!!

Look on the bright side though....SEASONED Fire wood for next year!!
Sorry about the damage, but is that poison ivy that those tree trunks fell into?

Holy cow! Those were some big trees that snapped! (*looks nervously at the giant trees surrounding her house*)

Glad everyone is mostly ok (sorry about the kitty).

Glad you have power back. We lose it so often out here, DH rewired parts of the house so we can run the well pump, hot water heater, DSL modem, wireless router, and refrigerator off the generator. So happy he worked as an electrician before changing careers.
Oh em.

I am so sorry. I wish I was closer I would give you a real
and some encouragement... I am so glad that it was only your coop and not your house. Keep hanging in there and I will keep praying for you.
I'm glad your house made it but I'm sorry the coop got hit. I hope your kitty is okay.

We spent Sunday, Monday and part of Tuesday without power. The yard looks like a bomb exploded - we lost some good size trees including the one the dogs use for shade. The chicks/hens all rode out the storm in the basement so they were just upset when they had no light to see with. We spent yesterday afternoon cutting up downed trees. Firewood for next year! But I lost a huge amount of meat in the freezer. And the yard looks funny with most of the old cherry tree gone. But it could have been worse.

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