Our Super Chick


8 Years
Jan 25, 2011
N. E. Alabama
Last Sunday, our flock was attacked by dogs. 2 girls came home out of breath and scared. Blondie, was chased by the dogs, caught, then escaped into the woods. it was about an hour and half until we finally found out what had happeded. The neighbor finally told us bout his friends with the dogs. stupid people just drove up and let them out. well we hunted all afternoon and no chick. thought she might come home that night, they have been freeranging for several weeks and allways went to bed on time. when she didn't return that night, I just about gave up hope. we live in a rual area and there are foxes, coyotes, owls and other critters. next day, we searched again, I called, she usally came when I called. all day we hoped she would return. when it got dark, I gave up hope. didn't think she could survive 2 nights in the wilderness. next day, we resigned ourselves that Blondie was gone. its been really hot here, so we have been getting up early and getting our stuff done, then an afternoon nap. well its nap time, we settle down but the wife can't sleep. she wants to go water her flowers. we get up, go out on the patio, and there is Blondie. she was a little roughed up and a little thin, but she made it. we scooped her up, took her to the new pen with the others and feed her real well. we are now in the process of building a pen, no more freerange. welcome home super chick.

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