Our upcycled playhouse chicken coop

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    Oct 13, 2012
    We already had the playhouse so it only made sense to use it considering that our children stopped using it years ago. We placed it inside a failed 10x10 slightly raised bed garden plot. It just didn't get enough sun for veggies. Hubby built a platform for the playhouse and our girls (hens) LOVE to hang out under there. We used hardware cloth on all sides and the top, too. Our local friends with hens seem to have a problem with racoons more then anything else. So far, so good for us! We did put a tarp over half the structure because our girls would just stand in the rain vs go into the coop.

    Self feeding food and waterer inside along with a couple roosting boards that go across the inside of the playhouse. We also used this plastic roofing stuff for the bottom to make it easier to clean. It's actually slid in like a tray so we can pull it out to clean it. Initially we had wood and that wasn't working so well.
    Nesting box built to fit on the little table built into the side of the playhouse. There was a window there so that's how the girls get into the box. We added 2 legs under the box to help support it a little more.

    Divided nesting box with hinged top. They aren't laying eggs yet but they do hang out in here a bit from time to time.
    We choose to use sand for the floor. I think we used 9 big bags of it. Hubby added these pavers that we rescued from our neighbor's trash. They lead to the nesting box.


    In hindsight, I wish we would have positioned the playhouse in a way that we could have put the nesting box outside and just built the fencing around it. This works fine though.

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