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    Mar 18, 2012
    Northwest Ohio
    Ok, you are probably thinking the neighbors dogs, or even my own dogs are trying to kill my chickens. On the contrary. My own dogs (Golden Retrievers) have been trained (not as pups), to be around my chickens, tolerate my chickens, and have learned to like them. Well, not them so much as the stuff that comes out of their rear ends and their FEED! I can't control the crap, but I am seeking options to control my dogs eating my chicken feed. I have caught them on countless occasions in the coop, munching out of the feeders. It started with eating corn or scratch that I would throw. Then, after I discontinued doing this because I was literally throwing the feed to the dogs, they started going into the coop. First, I tried just shutting the big sliding door. But then I discovered that they actually use the chicken door (and ramp). I never in a million years thought I would have to be concerned about this. I live on several acres and we are way back down a lane from the road, so my dogs are let out, often times unattended. My chickens free-range. The coop is free game when I am not out there. Suggestions? I'm currently using a hanging galvanized feeder. My next thought was to maybe try a hopper and cover the openings with a mesh of some sort. I also use pellets because my birds make less mess with them. I have Buff Brahmas, Australorps, and some bantams. I am open to suggestions!
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    You'll just have to figure out how to make the food inaccessible. My dog also loves my chickens for their "treats" they leave him. I finally came to peace with it; he follows them around waiting for poop, but I'd rather that than him trying to chase or hurt my chickens. And they are not afraid of him at all. They only time I can't stand it is when he gets bad gas from whatever they had been eating that day [​IMG]
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    You may need to get your dogs more protein rich food
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    Apr 2, 2013
    Another option is to add hot pepper flakes. Dogs can't take the heat but chickens can. This should stop all of the food eating by the dogs.
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    Your coop/run/free range area should have a perimeter fence. This will give you a big upper hand with ground predators and keep your dogs at bay. The dogs can still act as guardians without them eating chicken poop and feed.


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